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Shanghai Travel Articles

Shanghai bristles with buildings, but the city doesn't boast must-see sights like New York or Rome. The joys of Shanghai, instead, are on the street level, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety.

With a combination of European style buildings and old Shanghai architecture, the city is full of contrasts, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of the country’s history and future. We collect the latest info from the great food to the best shopping in town, from the most fancy entertaiment venues to the excellent weekend trips, follow our steps to get a sense of a real Shanghai today.

Top Articles

Check out the top attractions, restaurants and markets in Shanghai

River in Tongli

Top Shanghai Day Trip Destinations

Best day trips destinations for tourists who are planning short trips in or around Shanghai. Read more...

Sky Restaurant in Lujiazui

Top Shanghai Restaurants with Excellent Views

Navigate your way to the city's best spots with excellent views of the urban metropolis. Read more...

Shanghai Nightlife

Top Shanghai Night Clubs and Bars

The magical city of Shanghai becomes more magical at night. Check out the best bars and night clubs to show you passion in Shanghai. Read more...

Shanghai The Bund

Top Shanghai Cycling Routes

Cycling routes with the most beautiful views in and around Shanghai. Relax yourself and enjoy sports in the most colorful city in China. Read more...


Top Shanghai Hiking Routes

Build up your stamina by hiking in the most historical and cultural areas in Shanghai. Benches are everywhere for you to take a rest. Read more...

Antique Market near the City God Temple

Top 15 Shanghai Markets

The best markets to buy silk, clothes, tea, snacks, jewellery, pearls and art works in Shanghai. Read to get shopping inspiration. Read more...

Tour Plans the Water Towns Near Shanghai

Signboard Bridge Tongli

Help You Decide Which Water Town to Go

We help you find out the best parts of the water towns near Shanghai. Get their most attractive points before starting your trip! Read more...

Three Bridges

How to Plan an One-Day Tongli Trip

Things you need know for planning a one-day Tongli Water Town trip, including tickets, opening hours, foods and major attractions. Read more...

Xitang River

How to Travel around Xitang in One Day

Check out the Xitang day tour travelouge to miss no must-sees and find the best routes for your short stay in the charming water town Read more...

One-Hundred Residential Houses

Shanghai to Nanxun Day Tour Plan

It is worth to travel to Nanxun due to the fantastic One-Hundred Residential Houses, even if you have to spend 2.5 hours on a bus. Read more...

Zhouzhuang Water Lane

How to Plan a Zhouzhuang Day Trip

From common houses to museum and temples, Zhouzhuang has the most cultural connection among the water towns near Shanghai. Read more...

Post Office in Wuzhen

How to Travel to Wuzhen from Shanghai in One Day

Did you know? Tourists still send postcards to their friends from the Wuzhen Post Office, which was built over 100 years ago! Read more...

Frequent Asked Question

FAQs about How to plan a Water Town Tour

Read the frequent asked questions by our customers before planning your water town trip. Design a happy trip based on others’ experience! Read more...

Tour Plans to Shanghai City

The Bund Shanghai

Shanghai one, two and three days tour plan

Where to go if you have one, two or three days in the city of Shanghai? And what to eat in Shanghai? Click to see it! Read more...

Shanghai Food Street on the Yunnan South Road

Shanghai Food Tour Plan

Taste the most authentic local food on the most renowned food streets in Shanghai. Let’s delete “lose weight” from our dictionary! Read more...

Tour Plans to Other Tourist Destinations in China

Halls in the Forbidden City

Why and How to Visit Beijing?

Feel the magnificence of the royal relics in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City and Great Wall. Delicacy is also an indispensable part. Read more...

Li River Cruise Ferry

Is Guilin Perfect for Shanghai People?

Do you want to know why the Li River and Longji Terraced Field make Guilin one of the most tourist destinations in China? Click to enjoy! Read more...

Longest Glass-bottomed Bridge

Explore Avatar World in Zhangjiajie

How to arrange an Avatar tour from Shanghai? Can you really get the feeling as you got while seeing the Avatar? Let’s explore together! Read more...

Terracotta Army

How to Plan a Xian Trip

How to go to Xian from Shanghai? What to see and eat in Xian? Want to learn about unknown facts about Xian? Click to see them all! Read more...

Lion Grove Suzhou

How to Visit Suzhou Gardens in Two Days

How to arrange your schedule for visiting Suzhou Gardens in two days, inlcuding Humble Administrator Garden, Lion Grove and Master-of-Net Garden Read more...

Shaolin Kung Fu

How to Plan a Trip to Shaolin Temple

You need two days to explore Shaolin Temple and Kung Fu. Visit the Longmen Grottoes to learn more about Kung Fu and Buddhism. Read more...

Yellow Mountain

How to Plan a Trip to the Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain is one of the best places to see the sunrise and enjoy hot spring in China. Other views and activities are also worth a try. Read more...

West Lake Hangzhou

How to Visit Hangzhou in Two Days

Learn how to spend time effectively admiring the charming Hangzhou and the West Lake. Check out the tips which are helpful for your trip. Read more...

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