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Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai is a famous shoppers’ paradise, known for the last couple of centuries as "the Paris of the Orient”. Visitors go to Shanghai to see the city's pulse and history, as well as sample the myriad shops and stores. There are so many shopping centers in Shanghai that it is not easy to figure out the exact number of shopping centers in Shanghai.

Top Shanghai Shopping Malls or Markets - Most Interesting Places to Shop in Shanghai

From electronics, to designer clothes, food, entertainment, souvenirs, sporting equipment, or just a place to spend some time, Shanghai has a plethora of shopping centers designed to keep you busy and buying. The following are a list of the most interesting and unique places in Shanghai with general and specific shopping in mind. The names and addresses are included in Chinese for easy navigation.

Yuyuan Bazaar (AKA Yuyuan Old Street) 豫园老街

If you want to see a Chinese traditional market, you can’t ask for any better. Set in an old Shanghai neighborhood with traditional architecture, this crowded, bustling open market place has everything from food to souvenirs. Yuyuan Old Street shows what old and new Shanghai both have to offer.

Shanghai IFC Mall 上海国金中心商场

For your modern, luxury shopping needs, there is the Shanghai IFC Mall. The mall is right on the Bund, so you can walk the elevated walkways, see the Pearl and the Shanghai skyline. Here you will find designer brands as well as high-end Chinese, Cantonese, and Western food here. The basement has a nice foreign supermarket with a good selection as well.

Shanghai No. 1 Department Store 上海市第一百货商店

Right off of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, This is the first large-scale state-owned Department store created after the founding of The People’s Republic of China. Looking for a little bit of everything? Look no further. With an area of over 70,000 square meters and thousands of kinds of merchandise, Number 1 has something for everyone. Luxury brands, economy brands, fitness equipment, cosmetics, jewelry, food, children’s products, and much more are all available here.

Shanghai Huanmao IAPM Mall 上海环贸IAPM商场

Famous for its night shopping, you will be able to shop here until the wee hours of the morning. Offering designer brands like Prada, Gucci, and a Michelin 1 Star restaurant, this mall offers a shopping paradise night life.

K11 Art 11购物艺术中心

Luxury and designer shops are a dime a dozen in China these days. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, try K11. With a focus on art and unique shops, you can see restaurants growing their own veggies, and art exhibitions in the basement floors. When it comes to food, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Western restaurants, and multiple cafés are all to be found at the K11. This is a place you can come and hang out for a while for an interlude from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hong Kong Shopping Centre 香港名店街

The longest underground pedestrian street in Shanghai, the Hong Kong Shopping Center is located under the famous People’s Square. This shopping center is great for knick-knacks, souvenirs, clothing, gifts, and snacks.

Shanghai Times Square 大上海时代广场

For one-stop shopping, a great New Years show (if you are there at the right time, of course), and 7 stories of retail shops, head here. This mall has the usual high-end stuff one might expect at a Shanghai shopping center: international luxury brands like Coach, Versace and more, jewelry, electronics, fine dining, beauty products, and entertainment.

Shanghai Joy City 上海大悦城

A shopping mall with a twist, Joy City is orientated a little more towards entertainment. There is a VR arcade, a ferris wheel on the roof, and DIY concept stores. If you want to add some entertainment to the average shopping experience, Joy City is the place for you.

Bailian Outlets Plaza 奥特来斯购物广场

Discounted luxury brands like Zara, Amani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and more populate this outlet mall. The whole plaza has 3 divisions, Zone A has high-end designer brands, Zone B has outdoors/sports and domestic brands, and Zone C is the dining and entertainment area. This place is especially convenient if you are a bit outside (southwest of) the city center.

Pacific Digital Plaza 2 太平洋数码二期

Computers, tablets, phones, cameras, security cameras, security gadgets, gaming equipment, computer parts, monitors, speakers, electronics accessories and repairs are all offered here. Over 5 stories of electronics make this place a technological wonderland. As with any electronics store in China, verify that what you are buying works before exchanging money.

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