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Shanghai Clubs & Bars

Cloud 9

Perched on the 87th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jinmao Tower, Cloud 9 (九重天酒廊) wasthe highest bar in the world when it was built, when it was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The club provides a variety of beverages, and Cloud 9 Composition is their highlight. What makes Cloud 9 Composition special is that it abandons the traditional way with a brand-new style of mixing drinks. There is also no shortage of delicious snacks like shrimp spring rolls and grilled beef. And make sure you get this special ice cream: sweet crystal with merry orange and pickled cherry.

Customers now need to pay the CNY 100 entrance fee with their first drink. There are 140 seats. Cloud 9 is not easy to find — some obscure interior design law of the hotel means that they don't mark out how to get there. Use the lift and let the discreet waiters at the top show you the rest of the way.

California Club

California Club is a part of Muse at Park 97, which is a famous and popular restaurant in Fuxing Park. The designer is a Malaysian and the decoration company is from Hong Kong, giving the club a unique passion from South East Asia. Red color marks the club and also food specialties of the two restaurants outside. Red high chairs, red sofas and even red back cushions make this place a super good spot for dating and forgetting the outside world. City stories take place there every moment.

The club is the one and only spot offering California Margarita in the city and most customers are foreigners. It becomes very hilarious during weekends. If you go there early when there are just a few people, you may find a comfortable sofa and have drinks with friend together to enjoy the special moment. Or you could just be alone there, indulging yourself in the sound of Louis Amstrong.

The spot gets crowded around 11:00 at night and most are foreigners and Chinese people from Hong Kong and Taiwan. No matter how different they are, there is one common reason for them going there — dance music in such great atmosphere. The DJ is Daiya Kobayashi and hip-hop is very popular at the moment. Reservation is necessary for weekends.

George V

There is no reason to skip this pub when talking about top night clubs in Shanghai. Classical English nostalgic decoration style, delicious raw ham, and a great jazz bank, half-price drinks 7:30–8:30pm, and the charming sound of blues singers speak for themselves at George V (乔治五世).

It is a 3-story pub with the upper two floors half-annular, which makes the ground floor a perfect stage for the band. Every corner of the pub is trying to bring you into the old days. The fireplace and wooden carving board with a picture of an old blues singer above as the stage backdrop tells of the music taste there.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday is jazz band time, while the other days the stage is set for an American singer called Shawn Boy Blues. The most exciting moment in the pub comes when customers ad-lib on stage.

The other highlight is that all Chinese names of cocktails there are taken from famous film stars and classical movies, such as Roman Holiday (罗马假日) , Marilyn Monroe (梦露) and Waterloo Bridge (魂断蓝桥). Even the menu is not cheap, using a whole imported cow skin from Italy.

Judy’s Too (Maoming Road)

Judy’s Too is a major gathering place for Germans in Shanghai. It was once a very famous basement disco when it opened in 1998. It is one of the oldest pubs operated by foreign people in the city. Most regulars were literature celebrities who loved to dance. The band was a black band named Wala Wala. Often they played dance music and soft music whilst sometimes they added some crazy feeling.

Now the pub is in Maoming South Road. The interior design style is the perfect mix of Old Chinese style and Western style. Red is the main color. Every Thursday night there is a special performance when lots of foreigners take part. The pub often plays some old foreign music of the 1980s, which attracts Germans, French, and English most. You can even find some old customers' photos hanging on the wall. Do try Endingen (Dark of Blonde) and Kamikazzie.

The Rabbit Hole

Partner of Rabbit Holes- Blake Showalter is the veteran of nightlife bar industry. He opened a number of bars in Japan; and celebrating his bar Club Pure which has opened six anniversary in Osaka. He and his partner wanted to create a place to escape the bustle city, avoid the crazy mass life and eventually has The Rabbit Hole.

The Alice is the theme of the bar which is decorated as break roaming Alice Wonderland illustrations of photo frame. The Rabbit Hole standard cocktails is ¥50 Yuan, and the City and Long Island Iced Tea are a bit more expensive, as well as the cocktail of White Queen and Mad Hat.

There is also a fully equipped kitchen provide dinner, supply of appetizers and main dish at 6 pm till 11pm, and the pizza supply till 1 o'clock in the morning. Barkeeper indulgence to keep up with the trend of organizing the different theme of activities, they already have Latin Nights per week and monthly "crazy Hat Tea Party", These activities will offer cocktail in a teapot. This is one of the odd aspects of the bar in the overall moderation and casual atmosphere.

People 7

Located in Julu Road, People 7 is next to Shanghai Shintori Restaurant, with an open design of minimalist and cemented. The fun and strangeness of People 7 starts before you even walk through the door. It always need a specific password to open the door which has been told once you made a booking. Enter the password to open the door at left, otherwise only the right of the door will open, which is a mirror.

When entring into the bar, it is not have a complete set of walls and floors in the hall, the black and white bicolor knock off silk sparks. Dishes are considered as "concept” routes, it serve small and looks nice, also taste good. The bathrooms is another neat surprise – which we won't say too much here! These odd designs always make you feel like full of creative. People 7 are often fully booked. People must be book in advances before you come.

The Alchemist

The brand new old style house buildings, villas, and Commercial Street can complement each other in this street. Ancient and modern conversion can also fit it right to each other. Cocktails and tapas here almost turned the everyone initial impression on to this two things. The ultimate creative is the great challenge to the taste buds. Although the Constellation has many super selection of whiskies and Cocktails that no one can reach, but The Alchemist has creation given her new space. While the El Coctel which the same belonging to Spain Fancy Style is not as strong impact as The Alchemist. This is a very special Rum bar, if you like to drink Rum, here is the perfect place you must be come because Rum is their characteristics better not to missed, if you are not a person who likes Rum, after drinking this alcohol you will be fascinate to it.

Salon de Ning

Salon de Ning Bar is associated with a Shanghai woman. She was the host of Shanghai International in the 1920s and got the name of Shanghai social heiress, and Salon de Ning restored the Artiest Deco in her period: from traditional luxury global travel, to her crazy and weird collected of souvenirs and great exotic works of art. The live in luxury salon, Oriental Paris, relying on white bridge and the Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai stories of the 1920s all reflects here.

  • Add: The Peninsula, B/F, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai
  • 地址:上海市中山东一路32号B楼
  • Tel: 021 2327 6731
  • Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 20:00-01:00

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