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How to Travel around Xitang in One Day

How to Get to Xitang Water Town from Shanghai


There are lots of trains from Shanghai South Station or Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Jiashan Station (Jiashan is a county where Xitang Water Town is located in) or Jianshan South Station every day. It is suggested to take a taxi from the Jianshan Station or Jiashan South Station to Xitang Water Town. It costs around 50 RMB and takes around 40 minutes to go to Xitang Water Town from either of the two stations.


There buses from several bus stations in Shanghai to Xitang Water Town every day. The bus stations are:

Bus Stations Address of Bus Stations
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Station No.1666, Zhongxing Road, Zhabei District
Huangpu Tourist Center NO.1588, Waima Road, Huangpu District
Pudong East Bus Station NO.3843, Pudong South Road, Pudong District
Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station NO.666, Shilong Road, Xuhui District

Please note there are no fixed bus timetables and the ticket prices fluctuate in different months, it is advisable to go to one of the bus stations to buy bus tickets.

Open Hours and Entrance Fee

Open hours: 8:00-16:30

Entrance Fee: 100 RMB, including all the 11 attractions in Xitang Water Town and the Wuguniang Themed Park

Tour Route for One-Day Xitang Water Town Tour

Entering the Xitang Water Town from the YejIa Lane and starting your tour in a counter-clockwise direction will let you fully understand the charm of the Town. The eight attractions listed below are essence of Xitang. It is recommended to spend 20 to 30 minutes to stay in each of them.

Eaves Tile Display Hall

Tiles are indispensable architectural materials in Xitang during the ancient times. Over 300 ancient tiles, bricks and vessels are collected in the display hall. It is a wonderful place to learn the history of architecture of Xitang.

Button Museum

Built in 1927, the Button Museum was originally owned by a rich merchant in Xitang. He liked to collect buttons, so his house finally became a museum of buttons. The six exhibition halls in the museum show you the development of buttons between Song (920 AD to 1279 AD) and Qing (1636 AD to 1912 AD) dynasties.

Xitant Essence

Ceilinged Corridors (Left) and Button Musuem (Right)

Shaoxianggang Street

The street was the rich people’s resident area during ancient times. The rice people built their houses between the river and their fields. The thresholds of their houses were very higher than normal people, because they believed the higher there thresholds were, the more money they could earn. It is poetic to enjoy the river view on the second floor of one of the houses.

Wood Carvings Hall

The wood carvings in the hall have a history of over 200 years. They were the decorations of rich people’s houses. They show the wisdom and technique of the ancient craftsmen in Xitang.

Yellow Wine Museum

It is a museum, as well as the biggest yellow wine factory in China. People in Xitang have been brewing yellow wine for over 1,000 years. We suggest you try it even if you are not a friend of alcohol.

Ceilinged Corridors

You will go through lots of ceilinged corridors during your tour in Xitang. You can take a rest in the corridors if you are tired. The benches and small food shops in these corridors will help you refresh in a very short time.

Drunk Garden

The Drunk Garden was originally owned by the Wang Family. The senior members hoped their descendants got drunk by the books, views and paintings in the garden, absolutely not by alcohol.

West Garden

The West Garden is the largest private garden in Xitang Ancient Town. The Zuixue Pavilion, located on the rockery in the garden, is the best place in Xitang to admire the snow view in winter.


  • Some local people at the entrance of Xitang may ask you to follow them into the water town at very low prices. You can do it, but you have to miss lots of attractions without buying the official tickets.
  • The Ceilinged Corridor was used as the background for the movie Mission Impossible Three. Check it out!

Xitang Water Town Day Tour from Shanghai from $139