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Line 3

Identified by the yellow lines on most subway maps, Line 3 is another north to south running system of tracks. Formerly known as the Pear Line, the system stretches from North Jiangyang Road to Shanghai South Railway Station. Among the close to 30 stops on Line 3 are popular Shanghai destinations such as the Hongkou Football (Soccer) Stadium, the main Shanghai Railway Station and the Zhongshan Park. A small section of Line 3 shares the route with the brand new section of Line 4. The overlap occurs between Baoshan Road and Hangqiao Road.

Transfer to Line 1 at Shanghai South Railway Station and at Shanghai Railway Station (note that passengers must leave the station to make the transfer between the two lines and can only be completed if they are holding at Shanghai Transportation Card)

Transfer to Line 2
Transfer to Line 4 at Zhongshan Park, West Yan'an Rd., Jinshajiang Rd., Zhongtan Rd. or Baoshan Rd., Zhenping Rd, Caoyang Rd., Yishan Rd., Hongqiao Rd. and at Shanghai Railway Station (transfer to the Shanghai Railway station is only for those holding a Shanghai Transportation Card)
Transfer to Line 7 at Zhenping Rd.

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