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Line 11

Located in the northwest corner of Shanghai, Line 11 reaches from Jiangsu Road to North Jiading/Anting. Just as with Line 10, this line also splits towards the end of the tracks. At the Jiading Xincheng stop, one section of 11 travels north towards North Jiading, while another branch heads further west towards Anting. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the fork, it is best to get off at one of the stops on the main part of the line (those stops between Jiangsu Rd and Jiading Xincheng) and then continue in the right direction from there. Look for the northern line by finding the dark red line on Shanghai Subway maps. The line is slated to expand all the way to Shanghai Disneyland sometime before 2020.

Transfer to Line 2 at Jiangsu Rd.
Transfer to Line 3 at Caoyang Rd.
Transfer to Line 4 at Caoyang Rd.

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