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Line 10

Line 10 is a highly used and very important line for Shanghai citizens and tourists of the city. Newly opened in 2010, Line 10 starts at New Jiangwan City and travels to Hangzhong Road. The line, indicated by its light purple/grayish color on metro maps, helps to connect areas in the northeast with the downtown section. The line continues further southwest into the lower districts of the city. The line forks at Longxi Road, with one line heading towards the Hangqiao Airport and Railway station, and the other ending at Hangzhong Road. In the 30 some odd stops the line makes, tourist attractions and transportation services such as the Shanghai Zoo, Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway are found along the line’s path. It also runs through much of the busiest commercial centers in Shanghai, such as Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai City God Temple, Nanjing Road, Xin Tian Di, Shanghai Library, and many others.

Transfer to Line 1 at South Shaanxi Rd.
Transfer to Line 2 at East Nanjing Rd., Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 (T2)
Transfer to Line 3 at Hongqiao Rd.
Transfer to Line 4 at Hailun Rd. or Hongqiao Rd.
Transfer to Line 8 at Laoximen and Siping Rd.
Transfer to Line 12 at South Shaanxi Rd. or Tiantong Rd. (Line 12 is under construction.)
Transfer to Line 13 with Xintiandi (Line 13 is under construction.)

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