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Former Residence of Luxun

Lu Xun was one of the most prominent Chinese writers from the beginning of the 20th century and his books made quite an impact on the world of the literature. Last years of his life he spent in Shanghai, giving the world some of his most significant pieces which are considered to be amongst the most important literal pieces of the modern Chinese culture. From 1902 to 1909 he was in Japan, studying medicine at first, but soon he has chosen a different path. He took the active part in the overthrowing of the Qing Dynasty during the revolution of 1911 and was working in the Ministry of Education in Beijing in the years after the revolution. He started publishing in 1918 and since 1920 he was a professor at the University of Beijing.

Luxun Residence ShanghaiHe finally settled in the city of Shanghai in 1927 and there he started his famous League of Leftist Writers, which he also led until his death. This writer’s association was one of the culturally most important associations of the Chinese post revolution period.

At first, he lived at Jingyunli, but pretty soon he moved to Shanyin Road, No 9 where he stayed until his death. Here, he wrote nine of his books of essays as well as one book of short stories. He died in this very building at the age of 56. After his death, the house he spent his last years has been turned in to museum and is still the same as it was while he was living in it, with all of the furniture still in the same place.

The Collection of Lu Xun’s Personal Items

The house is made of red bricks and tiles and it is consisted out of three separate floors. The first floor was used as the reception and a dinning place, the second floor was used by the writer and the third one by his son. On the second floor there is still the same setup of furniture with the original pieces used by the Lu Xun. His tea table, bed and chairs are still in the same position where they were while the writer was still alive. Finally as a curiosity, there is his clock on the table, stopped at the exact time when he died.

Travel Information

Location: No. 9, 132 Jiangyin Road

How to get there: The buses 21, 18, 47, 51, 70, 52, 79, 100, 97, 101, 134, 217, 139, 222, 502, 939, 942, 937, 508, 529, 537, 531, 552, 541, 579, 597, 592, 828, 853, 848, 854, 875 and 863 and there are also special lines 10 and the 4 from Hongchuan and airport specially organized for the tourists

Open Hours: 09:00 to 16:00

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