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Top Toy Stores in Shanghai

You will find the top toy stores for children in Shanghai on this page, however, we can’t promise children’s parents are immune to these interesting toys.

Toys Only Stores

Lego Flagship Store

Address: Joy City, No.180, Xizang North Road, Jingan District

The store offers full range of Lego products.

For children under 5, the Duplo, Circus, Castle of Disneyland, and Ariel Undersea Castle bricks are safe and interesting. If you want to train your children’s creativity, you can buy the Large Box, which includes over 1500 toy bricks in various shapes. Your children can design their own buildings with these bricks. For children over 5, the Junior Batman, X-Man, R2D2 are good choices.

The store is still replete with fun even if you are not planning to buy anything. The children’s entertainment area in the middle of the store is equipped with huge toys and free movie. Both you and your children will love these.

There are coffee bars on every floor of Shanghai Book City, where allow readers to share their views of books freely. Writers often hold book parties in these bars. To some degree, Shanghai Book City is a cultural center in Shanghai.

Renoir Jigsaw

Address: B121, Pudongjialicheng, No.1378, Huamu Road, Pudong District

Do you think you like jigsaw puzzles more than your children? If not, go to the Renoir with you children and you will change your mind. Everything in which children are interested, including big machines, skyscrapers, cartoon characters or fruits, have been used as patterns of jigsaws. When you finish a jigsaw puzzle, Renoir will help you mount and frame it. That’s the best way to keep your memory with your children.

Toys-and-More Stores


Address: Third Floor, IFC Shopping Mall, No.8, Shijidadao Road

It is a German brand established in 1856. Over half of the toys in the shop were made in Germany. The finger puppets are children’s favorite toys in the shop. When you put 10 cartoon puppets on your fingers, you can play a drama with them. Besides, there are also clothes, carpets and towels for children.

Simple Mill

Address: B117, Pudongjialicheng, No.1378, Huamu Road, Pudong District

It is a boutique rather than a toy shop for a young mother and her daughter, because both the toys and costumes in various animals’ shapes are so lovely that almost every female customer loves them. There are lots of only-one toys in the shop, so you have to take a resolute action if you find something worth to buy.

Wise Kids

Address: Fourth Floor, Reel Department Store, No.1601, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District

The slogan of Wise Kids is “Making Play an Education Experience”. Playing their cards games can develop your children’s ability of teamwork and analysis. There is an area for reading in the shop. Hundreds of books are free for reading.

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