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Top Stores of Electronic Products in Shanghai

Apple Store

Address: Hong Kong Square, No.282, Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District

It is easy to find the Apple Store, which was opened in 2010 because of its huge logo and glass exterior wall. Over 200 kinds of Apple’s products are available at the first floor of the store, such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The Genius Bar is located on the second floor, where you will get professional support to customize your Apple’s products. Apple’s tech persons won’t let you down. There are also lectures about how to use Apple’s products in the store. The topics include how to take a perfect photo with iPhone, introduction to iCloud, basic knowledge of Mac and more.

Sony Store

Address: No.901-No.909, Huaihai Middle Road, Luwan District

There might be more Sony fans than Apple fans in China. Especially for those who are in their 20s or 30s, the PlayStation consoles are an indispensable part of their childhood. Sony’s VR equipment, TV, PlayStation 4 and cameras are lots of people’s first choice when they move to a new house. In a word, Sony Store is place to extend fans’ dreams.

Buynow Computer Store

Address: No.33, Xibei Road, Xuhui District

Founded in 1998, Buynow is one of the most renowned computer stores in China. Popular brands, such as Lenovo, Dell, IBM, NEC and HP. Over 1000 kinds of electronic products are available in Buynow. The high quality of their products and its comprehensive service make Buynow stands out from other competitors.

Pacific Digital Plaza

Address: No.721, Zhangyang Road, Pudong District

Also founded in 1998, Pacific Digital Plaza is renowned for the variety of electronic products. If you are good at assembling computers, it is the best places to buy the parts you need. The plaza also provide professional service to companies who need quantity purchase. They are responsible for both installation and transportation.

Xinghuang Photographic Equipments

Address: No.300, Luban Road, Luwan Road

It is a paradise for photography fans. Especially for beginners, the skilled staff in the store will help customers to select cameras, make photo frames and improve their skills of photography and makeup. If you think it is too expensive to buy a new camera, there are also counters for second-hand cameras. Most second-hand cameras belong to other photographers, who want to upgrade their equipment. If you buy their cameras, they may share their experience of photography as a free gift.

Shine Sun Digital Plaza

Address: No.225, Xizang South Road, Huangpu District

It is a place where you can find almost all electronic products, such as desktop computers, notebooks, cameras, cell phones and watches. Both luxury brands and non-brand products are on sale. Besides, there are also bars for table games in the plaza. The electronic products might be useful during a table game.

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