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Top Bookstores in Shanghai

As the most internationalized city in China, books in almost every language are available in Shanghai.

Top Bookstores to Buy Books

Shanghai Book City

Over 150000 kinds of books from over 800 publishers can be found in the Shanghai Book City. Books in the first floor are about life leisure and special subjects, the second floor for Chinese and foreign literature and audiovisual products, the third floor for education, the fourth floor for social science, the fifth floor science and technology and the sixth floor for art and masterworks in foreign languages.

There are coffee bars on every floor of Shanghai Book City, where allow readers to share their views of books freely. Writers often hold book parties in these bars. To some degree, Shanghai Book City is a cultural center in Shanghai.

Shanghai Book City's Branches in Shanghai

Shanghai Book City in the First Department Store
Address: No. 830, Nanjing East Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai Book City in the Pudong District (Dongfang Bookstore)
Address: No.660, Shangcheng District, Pudong District

Shanghai Book City on the Huaihai Road
Address: No.717, Huaihai Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai Book City on the Changningi Road
Address: No.1057, Changning Road, Jing’an District

Shanghai Book City on the Handan Road
Address: No.600, Handan Road, Yangpu District. This branch is almost as big as the main store.

Boku Book City on the Yishan Road

Address: No.515, Yishan Road, Xuhui District

It is a good alternative to the Shanghai Book City, if you do not like your reading feels like shopping. There are less people in the Boku Book City. Besides books, you can also find stationary there. If you go with your children, the kids’ area on the second floor will make them excited. There are also more discounted books in Boku.

Top Bookstores to Enjoy Reading

Banceng Bookstore

Address: No.129, Harbin Road, Hongkou District

The owner of the bookstore is a doctor of Tongji University. Most books in the bookstore were selected by her. Lots of readers find the best books in the bookstore are placed on the space between two floors. That is why it was named Banceng, which means half floor in Chinese language.


Address: Third Floor of Ruiou Square, Jing’an District

It is a paradise for designers! You can find books about graphic design, digital media design, industrial design and interior design in Harbook+. Even if you are not a designer, it is still a pleasure to see so many magazines about fashion in Harbook+.

1984 Bookstore

Address: No.11, Hunan Road, Xuhui District

The 1984 looks like a garden more than a bookstore. It is located in the former French Concession area. Both new and used books are available, furthermore, you are allowed to take your own books to the bookstore to read. They offer coffee, tea and cakes to readers.


Address: No.1515, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District

The Bookcup features with Japanese comic books and English magazines. Especially for the Japanese books, both the latest Tokyo Ghoul and the old Slam Dunk can be found in Boocup.

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