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Top Shanghai Snack Restaurants

Wanshou Restaurant-Wonton

This is a restaurant specially for Wonton, one of the traditional snacks in China. This restaurant is small but crowded by the customers, the Wonton which filling meat and vegetable is the most popular dish, local people call Sanxian Wonton, it will not let you down with rich ingredient, light taste, and affordable prices. 3.5 Yuan can be satisfy your taste buds.

Lan Kwai Fong Restaurant

This restaurant serve the most tasty and authentic Shanghai food, the Signature dish are Fish Stew Noodles, Tonkatsu, osmanthus flavor sweet boll which is made of black glutinous rice, sesame seed paste and osmanthus sugar, it is the “ must go” snack restaurant for tourist.

Lv Bo Lang Restaurant

Lv Bo Lang Restaurant can be described as the number one Osmanthus cake in Shanghai. The cake are so taste delicious with nice flower fragrance. The crisp cake which is almost disappeared in this place stll can find here, it is a nice and relaxing place where can invite some friends to enjoy your free time.

Miexin Rice Balls Restaurant

Local people regarded this restaurant serve the best rice balls in Shanghai, it offering two kinds of soup rice balls, one is stuffing pork inside, and the other is stuffing red bean paste which taste sweet, and this restaurant is opening for breakfast, lunch time and dinner. Afternoon is close for break time.

A’niang Noodle Restaurant

This restaurant is the most popular noodle restaurant in Shanghai, especially for Yellow croaker + preserved vegetable noodles and crab noodles, punch toppings in the tawny fish owl with preserved vegetable is a perfect match, so delicious, autumn crab was also strong recommended. In the peak dining time, almost have to wait half an hour for your turn.

Jiajia Steam Bun

The most interesting in this restaurant is line up by the porker number of black and pink peach flower and grass square from A to K to the order queue. People come here to buy steam bun is for its big meat stuffing, tasty soup inside and thin skin. The worth mention soup steam bun is stuffing with pork and shrimp, it just do it right with the original taste.

Beiwanxin Steam Bun Restaurant

No matter Pan-fried bun or steamed bun are both worth mention, all the buns are not just looking fillings, the fillings now taste often no big difference, in fact, the skin and the bun bottom is very important, and obviously can feel good and bad. the buns from here can be describe as "delicate" , a little vain, the filling is meat without soy sauce, a completed typical Shanghai style bun.

Zhang’s Restaurant

The founder of the Small Shaoxing Restaurant, she is open the sliced cold chicken in Small Shaoxing with her brother, sliced cold chicken is so tasty, and start the price in 5 Yuan, the fried dumpling are worth to tasting, 2.2 yuan for 4,  with fresh fillings, non-stick teeth, and crispy that is regarded the best fried dumplings in Shanghai. The other recommendation dish is egg fry with sparerib, thick, very tasty and tender.

Tima Harbour Caffe

Tima is origin from the meaning of Chinese "Iron Horse" of the homonym, literal meaning is bicycle Tima Harbour, because the bicycle in China in the past is the main transport, the owner of the restaurant hoped that name here become a harbor for citizens, it seems that he almost do this. The cheesecake here is certainly cost-effective; ¥ 15 Yuan for one, the taste is absolutely commendable. The marble cheese cake and Tiramisu is definitely worth to try.

Snacks Streets

Wujiang Road Snack Street

Address: Wujiang Road, Luwan District

Qibao Snack Street

Address: Qibao town, Minghang District

Huanghe Food Street

Address: Huanghe road, Huangpu District

Zhapu Road Snack Street

Address: Zhapu road, Hongkou District

Yunnan Nan Road Snack Street

Address: Yunnan nan road, Huangpu District

Duling Road Snack Street

Address: duling road, jIng'an district

City God’s Temple Snack Street

Address: City God's Temple, Huangpu district

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