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Get Your Game On - Shanghai's Public and Private Tennis Courts

When considering what are the best tennis courts, the location is a big concern. The other major considerations are whether you want to play indoors or outdoors, and the cost. Shanghai is a huge city, and has many tennis courts in different districts. Almost every district has at least one court worthwhile using. Here, we recommend the best recommended courts for most districts in Shanghai.

Pudong District

Yuansheng Sports Center

Yuansheng Sports Center (源深体育中心) offers a variety of facilities for different sports. However, most people go there to play tennis, the major function of the center. The tennis courts there are among the best in Shanghai; the courts themselves are of a high standard and there also offer other well-equipped facilities, though the price is a bit higher. Going with friends or colleagues would be a good choice. They also have friendly and high-level qualified coaches. The center fills up quickly, so do make a reservation before you go.

Hongkou District

Shanghai Sports School

Many people would recommend Hongkou Tennis Center, the Tennis Base for Hongkou District with a long history. However, what we recommend are the Tennis courts in the Shanghai Sports School (上海体育运动学校), as it has tennis courts at national standard, which means it offers more choice. You may meet some good players there. They also offer resting areas near the court. These courts are used most of the time for professional training.

Yangpu District

Court at the Yangpu Stadium

The Court at the Yangpu Stadium (杨浦体育场) in the Yangpu District would be a good choice, especially for high-level players or people wishing to start tennis, as there are some good coaches. Best of the best, indoor and outdoor courts are both available there. The stadium sits opposite Yangpu Park (杨浦公园).

Luwan District

Tennis Center in Luwan Stadium

People staying in Luwan District are lucky if they are looking for one of the best tennis courts in the city, as the district is home to the Tennis Center in Luwan Stadium (卢湾网球中心). It is a nice, relaxing place, especially popular among young people. What attracts you most there maybe the power of youth, showing the real spirit of sport.

Changning District

Xianxia Tennis Center

Changning District probably has the most tennis courts in Shanghai, so there is no lack of good options. Xianxia Tennis Center (仙霞网球中心) stands out among so many competitors in the district. As one of the biggest and best-equipped facilities in China, the center has eight national-standard outdoor courts for professional games, and one indoor court with 4000 audience seats. Important tennis events are often held there. Furthermore, the center provides a series of lessons for players at different levels.

Jing'an District

Tennis court in Jing'an Workers' Stadium

Tennis court in Jingan Workers’ Stadium (静安工人体育馆) should be the most-visited and the only one for people living in Jing'an District. There are five courts, but note that three of them haveno space between the courts.

Putuo District

Tennis Court in Shanghai Sports Palace

In Putuo District, the courts in Shanghai Sports Palace (上海体育宫网球场) are popular with office workers. It has four new rubberized courts, which are all outside, but shower rooms are not available. Tennis racket rental is offered at 20 yuan per hour. Coaches are graduated from professional colleges and have lots of training. Training courses for different ages are provided, so going with families is also a good alternative here.

Minghang District

Shanghai Racquet Club

If you are looking for the best of the best, Shanghai Racquet Club (上海西庭网球俱乐部) will surely capture your heart. The office of the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) for Mainland China is also located at the club. Major games are always held there, and there are seven on-site professionals to show you how the game is really played. Membership is a must if you want to play, which costs 60,000 yuan per year or 200,000 yuan for life.

Xuhui District

Shanghai International Tennis Center Club

Luckily, Shanghai International Tennis Center Club (上海国际网球中心俱乐部) is set in the Xuhui District, which is specifically located in Regal International East Asia Hotel. Many foreigners go there, and most of them play pretty well. The surroundings are good, with well-equipped facilities such as shower rooms and dining halls. Professional coaches are provided. This is also one of the major sports that has been played over the years in the town. But the courts are only available for guests staying at the hotel or people with membership at 36,000 yuan per year.

List of Other Tennis Courts in Shanghai

In addition to those courts mentioned above, here we offer a list of other tennis courts in the city. Note that the information is just for reference, especially the cost, as this may change. Double-check by phone before you go.

Name Address Cost Quick Ideas Booking District
Haiyi Club Tennis Court Lane 97, Songlin Road For weekdays, 40 yuan before 5 p.m., and 60 yuan after; at weekends,60 yuan before 5 p.m., and 80 yuan after One outdoor court with canopies nearby +86 21 6888 5566 Pudong District
Tennis Courts in Mingren Yuan Hotel 2967 Zhangyang Road 30 yuan before 6 p.m., and 50 yuan after Both indoor and outdoor courts are offered +86 21 5885 2988
Jinglong Garden 1-3, Lane 1523, Dongfang Road 30 yuan in the daytime and 40 yuan inthe evening One outdoor court +86 21 5881 0808
Pudong Tennis Center 241 Juye Road 40 yuan for weekdays and 60 yuan at weekends Two rubberized courts +86 21 5821 5850
Hongkou Tennis Center 358 Cifeng Road, Quyang New Village During weekdays, 25 yuan before 6 p.m., and 40 yuan for any other time. At weekends, 40 yuan before 6 p.m., and 50 yuan after One rubberized Court +86 21 6536 1549 Hongkou District
Tongji University 1249 Siping Road (near Cifeng Road) 20 yuan for weekdays; at weekends, 30 yuan in the daytime and 50 yuan inthe evening Two outdoor courts +86 21 6598 2200
Fudan University District for Postgraduate Students in the university 15 yuan for weekdays and 20 yuan for weekends Four outdoor courts +86 21 6564 2222
Tennis Courts in Zhongyuan Stadium 518 Kailu Road 30 yaun for weekdays and 35 yuan for weekends One outdoor court +86 21 6574 5928 Yangpu District
Shanghai University of Sports 650 Qingyuan Huan Road 5 yuan Five outdoor courts +86 21 6556 8266
Changning Tennis Center 173, Lane 1038, Huashan Road 30yuan in the daytime, and 50 yuan inthe evening Three outdoor courts +86 21 6252 4436 Pudong District
Tianlu Tennis Court In Hongqiao Airport 25 yuan–35 yuan Four outdoor courts +86 21 6268 1789( 7003)
East China University of Political Science and Law 1575 Wanhangdu Road 15 yuan Two outdoor courts +86 21 6207 1888
Shanghai University of International Business and Economics 620 Gubei Road 20 yuan Two outdoor courts +86 21 6274 8250
Shanghai Workers Sanatorium 2558 Yan’an West Road Monday to Friday, 30 yuan inthe daytime and 80 yuan inthe evening; at weekends, 40 yuan in the daytime and 80 yuan in evening Two rubberized courts +86 21 6275 9419 Changning District
Fudu Garden Behind Jiuzhou Mingpin City , Dingxi Road 30 yuan One outdoor court /
Kangdong Tennis Court 270 Pubei Road On weekdays, 70 yuan in the daytime and 90 yuan in evening; at weekends, 80 yuan in the daytime and 100 yuan in evening Two indoor courts +86 21 6475 0504
Shanghai Xinxing Tennis Salon 1101 Yishan Road 30 yuan before 5 p.m., and 50 yuan after Two outdoor courts +86 21 6485 5320
East China University of Science and Technology 130 Meilong Road On weekdays, 6–8 yuan,8 a.m.– 10 p.m.; at weekends, 8–15 yuan Three outdoor courts +86 21 6424 7251
Tennis Court in Shanghai Stadium 1111 Caoxi North Road In the daytime, 35 yuan for weekdays and 50 yuan for weekends; in the evening, 60 yuan from Monday to Thursday, and 80 yuan Friday to Sunday. Six outdoor courts +86 21 6438 5200
Shanghai New Sports Tennis Club 58 Huachi Road Monday–Thursday, 24 yuan in the daytime and 80 yuan in the evening; Friday–Sunday, 40 yuan inthe daytime and 80 yuan inthe evening Two outdoor courts +86 21 5290 8888 Putuo District

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