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Recommended Internet Cafes in Shanghai

In Shanghai, it is not hard to find an Internet café. However, as most mobile devices can access the Internet easily, they are becoming scarcer. Internet cafés are becoming standardized, and most are big chains within the city with fast ultra-modern computers, cold drinks and a clean environment.

In China, anyone wanting access to the Internet in an Internet café is required to present a valid second-generation ID card. By swiping their ID card to verify their identity, people can use the computers. Costs vary according to the technical specification and environment of the Internet café.

Foreigners should note that since only second-generation ID cards can be swiped for identity verification, they will need to present their passports and ask staff to help them gain access to the Internet. Note that some Internet cafés are reluctant to do this to avoid problems. Additionally, Internet café staff rarely speak English. Finally, some sites are forbidden in China, mostly foreign websites, including Facebook.

Alternatively, if you bring a laptop, you can find a Starbucks easily in Shanghai and get access to the Internet with free Wi-Fi there.

Below is a short list of Internet cafés in Shanghai, most of which are chain Internet cafés with a clean environment. Toilets are easy to find. The price is only for reference, and may vary from café to café.

Internet Cafés Address Cost Getting There
Wangyu Wangka (Zhenguang Branch) (网鱼网咖) 2nd floor, Building C, Bailian Square, 1288, Zhenguang Road, Putuo District (near Meichuan Road) 8 Yuan/hour (coffee and books are available) Take subway line 3 to Caoyang Road Station. Then transfer to Bus Bei'an line to Wanzhen Road Station.
Gonglve Internet Bar (Jinyang Branch) (攻略网吧) 528, Jingyang Road, Pudong New District 10 Yuan/hour Take subway line 6 (Gangcheng Road Direction) to Jinqiao Road Station.
E Lu Yang Guang Internet Café (E路阳光网吧) Building 2, 1046, Wenhui Road, Student Alliance of Songjiang University, Songjiang District 10 Yuan/hour Take subway line 9 to the Student Alliance of Songjiang University Station. Then transfer to bus 18/12 to the Student Alliance of Songjiang University Station.
Mingwang Internet Café (名旺网吧) 515, Fuzhou Road, Huangpu District 11 Yuan/hour Take bus 805 or 908 on the Shangchuan line, Suidao line 3, Suidao line 6 or Suidao night line to Fuzhou Road Zhejiang Zhong Road Station.
Tianji Cyber Café (天极网吧) Floor B1, 1501, Sichuan Bei Road, Hongkou District 3 Yuan/hour Take bus 305 night, 65, 167, 52, 65, 854, or 939 to Qiujiang Road on Sichuanbei Road Station.
Xingbin Internet Bar (Xujiahui Branch) (兴宾网吧) Floor 2, Baoding Mansion, 550, Xujiahui Road, Luwan District 20 Yuan/hour Subway line 9 and 4 (both inner and outer ring)
Zhanlve Gaoshao Bar (战略高手) Building 10, Hongji Square, 199 Hongqiao Road, Xujia Hui District 30 Yuan/hour Take subway line 1 to Xujiahui Station (Exit Huigang Square).

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