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How to Get to Mount Putuo from Shanghai, Ningbo and Zhoushan

We do not offer any transfer services or tickets bookings to Putuoshan. We suggest you call the numbers on our webpage if you want to book something.

There are 4 ways to get to Mount Putuo from Shanghai-by bus (recommended), by boat, by speedboat, and by plane. Let's choose the best one for you.

By Bus

A bus trip takes 4 hours and 30 minutes from Shanghai to Mount Putuo and costs about 140 Yuan/person, one-way. Due to its convenience, short duration and cheap fare, this is the most popular method. There are 2 departure stations for the bus.

Shanghai Southern Bus Station-Shenjiamen Putuo Bus Station

Add: NO. 666, Shilong Road(Lu), Xuhui District, Shanghai City 上海市徐汇区石龙路666号
Tel: 021-54353535
Ticket Fare:130 Yuan/person for one-way
Departure Time: From 7:00-19:10 every day; the bus departs every 40 minutes.
Return Time: 7:30,8:30,9:50,12:30,14:10,15:10,16:10
Return station: Passengers could take the return bus from the below 3 points: Shenjiamen Putuo Bus Station
NO. 78, Bingang Road, Zhoushan(The building of ZhouShan Haixing Shipping CO.,LTD)
NO.675, Bingang Road(Waiting Point of Haixing Bus, 1F, Banshengdong Bus Terminal)

Tourism Hub under Shanghai Nanpu Bridge -Shenjiamen Banshengdong Dock

Shenjiamen Banshengdong DockAdd: NO.1588, Waima Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai City 上海黄浦区外马路1588号
Tel: 021-33760978
Ticket Fare: 138 Yuan/person for one-way
Departure Time: from 7:00-17:00 everyday; the bus departs every 1 hour.
Return Time: from 5:55-17:40 everyday; the bus departs every 1 hour.

By Boat

There are 4 boats from Shanghai to Putuo. They are Putuo Shan Line(普陀山轮), Fayu Line(法雨轮), Jinping Line(锦屏轮)and Luojia Shan Line(洛迦山轮). The boat will take about 11 hours, which is good for visitors not in a hurry. There are 4 cabin types.

The ticket prices varies according to cabin classes. An extra 15 Yuan/person is payable for a booking fee. Children under 4’6” pay half of the adult ticket fare and children under 3’ 6”are free. Below are ticket fares for different cabins.

  Luojia Shan Line Putuo Shan Line
VIP 499Yuan/person 499Yuan/person
Stateroom 499Yuan/person 499Yuan/person
1st Class 409Yuan/person /
2nd Class A 319Yuan/person 289Yuan/person
2nd Class B 269Yuan/person 269Yuan/person
3rd Class A 199Yuan/person 199Yuan/person
3rdClass B 159Yuan/person 159Yuan/person
4th Class A 139Yuan/person 139Yuan/person
4th Class B 109Yuan/person /

Boat Departure Details

Shanghai-Mount Putuo

Mount Putuo-Shanghai

By Speedboat

Speedboats from Shanghai to Mount Putuo depart from Luchao Harbor(芦潮港). There are 2 departures every day on the Feihai Line (8:00-12:00) and Feixiang Line (8:30-12:30). (The time duration includes time on shuttle bus and speedboat)Passengers returning from Putuo to Shanghai also have 2 lines and depart at 12:00 and 13:00 respectively. There are shuttle buses between Luchao Harbor and Shanghai Nanpu Bridge which take 1 hour and 30 minutes. The price is included in the ticket box for the speedboat.

By Airplane

Visitors could also fly from Pudong International Airport to go to Mount Putuo. There is one flight every day which takes 1 hour. The flight arrives at Putuo Airport which is very near Zhujiajian Wusongsi Dock. Take the shuttle bus from the airport to get to Zhujiajian Wusongsi Dock which takes 7 minutes and then transfer to Mount Putuo by ferry or speedboat.

Getting to Mount Putuo from Ningbo 从宁波到舟山

Visitors from Ningbo to Mount Putuo could take bus, speed boat or a combination of both.

Ningbo South Bus Station/ North Bus Station to Shenjiamen Banshengdong Dock

Take an air-conditioned bus at Ningbo South Bus Station/ Ningbo North Bus Station from Ningbo to Shenjiamen Banshengdong Dock which takes about 2 hours and costs 44-47 Yuan/person. Then transfer to Mount Putuo by speedboat which takes 18 minutes and costs 22 Yuan/person.

Note: There are shuttle buses from Ningbo airport to Ningbo South Bus Station and Ningbo South Railway Station.

Ningbo Daxie Dock to Mount Putuo宁波大榭码头到普陀山

Combined bus and speedboat is two hours. The ticket is 75 Yuan/person including the bus fare and speedboat. Passengers first take the bus at Ningbo Harbor Bus Station and then transfer to Mount Putuo from Daxie Dock.

Note: During low seasons the departure times are between 7:30-15:30 and it departs irregularly.

Ningbo Baifeng Dock-Mount Putuo宁波白峰码头到普陀山

Take the boat to Yadan Shan Dock at Dinghai for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 15 Yuan/person. Then transfer to Wusong Si Dock by taking Bus NO 27 then take the speedboat for 15 minutes to get to Mount Putuo at 18 Yuan/person.

Getting to Mount Putuuo from Zhoushan 从舟山到普陀山

For visitors who are in Dinghai area, which is the city center of Zhoushan:

For people in Shenjiamen, there are 2 ways to get to Mount Putuo:

Useful Docks Information

Banshengdong Dock 半升洞码头

By Speedboat

By Ferry

Zhujiajian Wusongsi Dock 朱家尖蜈蚣寺码头

Putuoshan DockMount Putuo Dock 普陀山码头