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Qinghefang Pedestrian Street

In front of a crystal crafts shop in Hefang Street, a group of tourists are fascinated by the exquisite craftsmanship of the shop owner who has even forgotten to do the business. This is a very common scene on Hefang Street. Now more and more such shop owners can be seen onHefang Street: those who sell bamboo flutes play the flute at the shop; those who sell knitting sweaters knit the sweater; and those who sell writing brushes make them at the shop. The harmonious combination of such traditional "workshop" model of business operation with the tourism has become an attractive scene to tourists.

Yes, this technically isn’t a market, but what do you really do in a market? You browse and you buy, which is exactly what is done here. The street stretches from Wushan Square all the way down to Zhonghe road. Hang a right and you’ll end up at the Drum Tower Antique market. On the way to check out the old stuff, you can pick up some new. There are the touristy tidbits: swords, masks, paintings, chops, tea, etc. But, you can also find some interesting stuff. Definitely be prepared to bargain, and if you can’t get them down, wait until nightfall then hit the Night Market.

Hefang Street was opened to the public in October seven years ago. The renovated Hefan Street features on a scene of Qing Dynasty, especially the Qing culture. Currently, Hefang Street is viewed as a valuable historical relic in Hangzhou.