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Tangxi Water Town

Founded around 1000 years ago, the Tangxi water town was an important intermediate of transport for people who wanted to go to Jiangsu or Zhejiang provinces in ancient times. With the development of domestic trade, the water town was becoming more and more prosperous. Unlike other water towns, no entrance fee is needed in Tangxi.

Things to Do in Tangxi Water Town

Most ancient houses and bridges in Tangxi Water Town were built around 500 years ago. These ancient relics and water tow view are the reasons why tourists go to Tangxi.

Gungji Bridge

Bridges are the soul of a water town. There is no exception in Tangxi. The Guangji Bridge, initially built in 1498, is the only bridge with 7 arches above the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal. Tourists can visit the exquisite ancient houses beside the bridge and admire the charming water town view on the bridge. Besides, the small statues of lions on the railings of the bridge are also interesting.

Canal Barn Museum

Covering an area of 16,000 square meters, the Canal Barn Museum show tourists how grain was stored in ancient times and ancient agricultural tools. Tangxi was the starting point for the water transport of grain in ancient times. Around 80% of grain in Zhejiang province was transported to other parts of China from Tangxi, so it was extremely important to work out solutions to keep the good quality of the grain. Visit the museum if you want to know what these solutions are.

Shuibei Ancient Street

With a length of 1386 meters, the Shuibei Ancient Street is a good place to learn the history and culture of Tangxi. Most houses on the street have a history of over 500 years. Sometimes there are local opera shows on the street. Local snacks, handcrafts and silk and other souvenirs are available on the street.

Corridor in Tangxi

An ancient house near the street

Hangzhou History and Culture Exhibition Hall

This exhibition hall was developed based on a private house. It introduces the development of Hangzhou’s history, culture, society, politics, economy, tourism and celebrities to tourists via the statues, photos and captions in the museum. Normally the suggested visiting time is 30 minutes, however if you are really interested in it, you may want to spend half day there.

Hill Chao

The Tangxi Water Town is too small for some tourists, so they will continue their trip to the Hill Chao, which is only 6 kilometers away from the Tangxi Water Town. With a height of only 260 meters, the Hill Chao offers tourists a perfect view terrace to admire the scenery around the hill. In winter, the plum blossoms on the hill make the scenery even more beautiful.

What and Where to Eat in Tangxi

The local meatball, rice cake and dumplings and fried duck are popular local food. Some restaurants near the Guangji Bridge offer both good food and river view.

How to Go to Tangxi Water Town

From Hangzhou – take bus 319, 350, 480, 487, 786, 790, 792, 793, 799 or 794 and get off at Tangxi stop. The transfer takes around 40 minutes.

From Shanghai – take a high-speed train from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Yuhang Station, and then take bus 786 to Tangxi stop. The transfer takes around 2 hours.

Tangxi Travel Tips

  • Tangxi is only one-hour’s driving from the West Lake in Hangzhou, so it is ok to visit the two places in one day.
  • The price for the parking lot is 5 RMB for one hour, 10 for tow hours and 15 for three hours or longer.
  • There are excellent loquats in Tangxi between every June and September.
  • If you like Chinese culture, you can rent traditional Chinese clothes (Hanfu) in Tangxi.

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