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Fengjing - A Classic Water Town near Shanghai

Located in the Jinshan District of Shanghai city, the Fengjing water town was initially set up in 1275 AD. It is also one of the best reserved water towns near Shanghai.

The Fengjing water town was pivot for trade among Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and Shanghai city, so it was developed very fast in ancient times. Hundreds of houses and bridges were built during that time and lots of them still stand today.

The Fengjing water town is only 70 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai. It takes only one hour to go there by bus or subway from Shanghai.

Things to Do in Fengjing

The 52 ancient bridges are the pride of Fengjing. The oldest one of them is Zhihe Bridge, which has a history of over 700 years. Besides, the local village paintings and ancient houses are also popular attractions.

Zhihe Bridge

Unlike other renovated ancient bridges, the 700-year-old Zhihe Bridge still shows its historical style to tourists via the old stone bridge deck covered by moss. In ancient times, couples often prayed on the bridge for good marriage, because it connected to a temple. So the bridge was nicknamed “Couple Bridge”. It witnessed the development of Fengjing.

Zhonghong Countryside Painting Village

This village features its countryside views and paintings. Lots of painters live in the village to create masterworks. You may find paintings beside a field, in a forest or on the square of the city. The creative artists stop to paint whenever and wherever they find inspiration. From the paintings of local activities and crops, you will see the happiness of these farmers.

Shiwang Temple

The temple was built to commemorate Shi Quan, a general in the South Song dynasty (1127-1279 AD). During wartimes, he tried his best to protect common people, and during peaceful times, he announced some advanced policies to develop economy. That is why local people revered him so much.

Former Site of Fire House

The former fire house in Fengjing was initially built based on a private house 100 years ago. During 1930s, it was renovated according to Western style, because lots of local people were doing business in Shanghai at that time. They liked the Western-style buildings in the former French Concession in Shanghai very much. The fire house was closed in 1959. Some old fire-fighting machines are collected in the house for tourists to admire now. Both these machines and the house itself are valuable cultural legacy.

Fengxi Corridor

The Fengxi Corridor, with a roof, is built beside a river. The inside part of the corridor are local people’s houses and shops, where sell souvenirs and street foods. Tourists can take and rest and admire river view in the corridor. The river is connected to the Huangpu River in Shanghai. It was an important water way for local people to go to Shanghai in ancient times.

Ancient Stage for Local Opera

The stage is located beside a river. When there is a show, people can watch it on their own boats. Besides opera shows, there are also other activities around the stage during festive periods.

How to Get to Fengjing

Take subway line 1 and get off at Jinjiang Park stop. And then walk around 200 meters to the Meipang stop to take the bus from Peipang to Fengjing. The bus ride takes 45 minutes and cost you around 11 Yuan. The first bus departs at 5:00 and the last one departs at 19:30.

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